What is the 8,760 rule?

Our company lives by the 8,760 rule.  There are two types of worlds when it comes to “working”: The 2,080 and the 8,760.  Do you know the difference? There are 8,760 hours in a week.  The entrepreneur never sees a “clock out”, they are dedicated and passionate and build their career into their lifestyle. There…

Spotlight: How Legacy Purchasing Group Brings Buying Power to Small Businesses

Published: Jul 28, 2021 by Annie Pilon In Small Biz Spotlight Read original article here. Small businesses often don’t have the same buying power as large firms. But Legacy Purchasing Group aims to change that. The company’s founder took a concept that she learned in her earlier career in the medical field and applied it to even more businesses. Learn about the…

BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

About the Torch Awards for Ethics: Our mission is to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. One of the ways we do this is by recognizing marketplace role models. In this spirit, BBB publicly recognizes businesses committed to ethical marketplace practices with the annual BBB Torch Awards for Ethics.

Benefits To Living Spontaneously

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By Morgan Griffin • FSU Contributor • Lifestyle  Read original article here: https://www.hercampus.com/school/fsu/benefits-living-spontaneously I’m sure everyone’s parent has said the quintessential statement of “not everything you read on the internet is true”, which is a valid piece of advice, but this time, the internet is right.  There has been a new trend on my For You Page of people deciding…

IN THE NEWS: Legacy Purchasing Group Unveils a Comprehensive Portfolio of Supplier Partners

Fort Worth-based start-up Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Legacy Purchasing Group (LPG) is excited to announce their comprehensive list of supplier partners. After surveying their members for their needs throughout the past year, LPG thoroughly vetted and added a number of new supplier partners to their already impressive roster!

Money for Lunch Profile: Profiles of Success With Ashley Stuhr

 by Leona Zoey View the original Money for Lunch article here. About Ashley Stuhr My name is Ashley Stuhr and I am the Founder and President of Legacy Purchasing Group. I manage the daily sales and operations of my company and contribute a lot of my time being in front of our clients. My background is…

5 Things You Need to Know About Accessing Start-up Capital

Article by Holly Burrow. Looking for funding to start or grow your start-up business?  As a Start-up, a business with less than two years of operation, you face unique funding challenges. The good news is that there is a community of resources available to help [Thank you Sparkyard]!  Knowledge is power. By increasing your understanding…

6 Guidelines for Records Retention: Keep It or Toss It?

Many businesses aren't sure how long records must be saved in the paperless era. Record-keeping is a boring, but important business activity, and if you make the wrong choices, you risk litigation, succession planning problems, and the wrath of the taxman. Understanding how long should you keep business records will help you avoid these problems.