TAKE CONTROL of your money, time and resources.

About Us

Legacy Purchasing Group, LLC

Legacy Purchasing Group is an industry-leading group purchasing organization that specializes in buying power for companies of all sizes.  Our service allows companies to reduce business costs and streamline purchasing operations through the power of aggregated purchasing volume.  We have over 3,000 members nationally that are taking advantage of our program. 

What Sets Us Apart

Legacy Purchasing Group's core focus is to assist businesses in driving down costs in core overhead supplies and services.  We also have strong vendor partnerships to ensure our members get best in class support for those key spend categories.  

Power In Numbers

Utilizing the collective leverage from all of our members to negotiate contracts that offer discounted rates and higher levels of service, Legacy Purchasing Group is dedicated to helping businesses save money. Holding vendors accountable to contract prices enables Legacy Purchasing Group to serve as a true advocate for their customers.  They are committed to providing access to "market best pricing" for your purchasing needs.  There is also no cost or obligation to join.