LPG Business Solutions: HR Consulting

Transfer the day-to-day management of your network and print operations over to SHARP, so you can focus on business growth and critical objectives. Their Managed Network Services program helps to maintain security and prevent downtime with network monitoring and management, help desk and back-up/disaster recovery.

LPG Business Solutions: Dedicated & Experienced Professionals Working FOR You & With YOUR Team

Fast track your benefits and HR processes with our experience and commitment to your business. We work with you to ENHANCE your processes and MENTOR your team, allowing you the time to focus on your business.

HR Consulting: Save Time and Money

Committed to Growing Your Business. Working to Enhance Your Team.

LPG Business Solutions was formed to be a resource for businesses out of the necessity and the request of Legacy Purchasing Group’s existing clients. They were looking for immediate and experienced professionals to help reduce and eliminate redundancies and deficiencies in their company.

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What People Say

We had the right people for the long term but lacked the experience so a lot of our processes were broken. LPG Business Solutions was able to put processes in place that were 10 times more effective! They continue to work with us on various projects while we focus on growing our business.

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