Rethinking Healthcare. Reinventing the Solution.

We have partnered with NuWin Care and 1.800 MD to provide you with 24-7-365 access to a doctor through our telemedicine solution for only $7.50/month per household with $0 co-pays!

Get 24/7 doctor access for ONLY $7.50/month!

Avoid going to the doctor’s office and co-pays and instead, get in contact with a doctor from the comfort of your home 24-7-365! Telemedicine is the future of healthcare (especially with everything going on). Our team at Legacy Purchasing Group has partnered with NuWin Care + 1.800 MD to get you access to EXCLUSIVE pricing. 

What does that mean for you? It’s ONLY $7.50 for your ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD per month to have access to a doctor at all times!

  • Available to Everyone (Insured or Non-Insured)
  • $7.50 per month (covers entire household)
  • $0 co-pay, no limits 
  • Doctors available 24-7-365 
  • Prescriptions sent instantly to your pharmacy  
  • (Avoid COVID at the doctor’s office)

Use the activation code “LPG” to get access to these exclusive savings!

Are you an employer? Consider as an option for your employees and for your company.

The benefits:

  • Additional resources for your employees so they no longer risk going to a doctor or urgent care clinic.
  • Less time off for your employees.  Calling from the comfort of their home/office and available on the weekends too!
  • Company benefits that is affordable when full healthcare coverage is not in your budget.
  • Leverage your existing group benefit costs. Use telemedicine to keep claims low on your group healthcare benefits.

Contact us regarding an employer plan!

This Program is EXCLUSIVE Through Legacy Purchasing Group!

Only pay $7.50/month/household!

Who doesn’t like a discount? Take advantage of our exclusive program today! Be sure to use code ‘LPG’ when activating your account…