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Helping hard-working employees improve their quality of life by providing an alternative method of e-commerce that is fair, honest and affordable.

Why have an employee purchase program?

Understanding that many hard-working Americans struggle with finances and have difficulties obtaining credit and affording exorbitant fees associated with cash advances and rent to own, Paycheck Works created a unique solution that allows employees to purchase practical items for themselves and their families.

​Paycheck Works is invested in providing a convenient, affordable way for workers to purchase the products they need to help them achieve financial stability and improve their quality of life.

Access to Purchase a Wide Variety of Consumer Goods

Paycheck Works is a benefit that allows employees to leverage their future paychecks to purchase consumer goods.  

The benefit is no cost to employers, easy to implement and administer and free of credit checks, late fees and down payments for employees.

How It Works

When employees don’t want to use cash or credit or have limited options, Paycheck Works is a great way to buy name brand products at comparable retail prices for the household. Once an employer enters into an agreement with Paycheck Works, the secure online store is available to employees with the added benefit of payroll deduction.

  • Use payroll deduction to make manageable payments over just months.
  • It’s not a layaway plan – your merchandise is delivered right to your door just a few days after completing the checkout.
  • Shopping is easy – you can do it online at anytime.
  • No credit check is necessary.

What are the requirements for Employees?

To participate in the Paycheck Works program you must:

  • Be Benefit eligible
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Minimum compensation and tenure requirements apply.

How do Employees start shopping?

  • Log in with the username and password provided to the employee.
  • Select the product(s) to order.
  • Select payroll deduction as the payment method at checkout.
  • Paycheck Works takes care of the rest.

What People Say

When COVID hit, as a manufacturing company, our employees were struggling to make ends meet. Implementing Paycheck Works into our employee benefits was definitely a game-changer during 2020. Employees that had emergencies (like their washing machine breaking down), could utilize this program to easily pay-off the item within a few months. Thank you Paycheck Works!

James C.
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