IN THE NEWS: Legacy Purchasing Group Unveils a Comprehensive Portfolio of Supplier Partners

Fort Worth-based start-up Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Legacy Purchasing Group (LPG) is excited to announce their comprehensive list of supplier partners. After surveying their members for their needs throughout the past year, LPG thoroughly vetted and added a number of new supplier partners to their already impressive roster!

Fort Worth-based start-up Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Legacy Purchasing Group (LPG) is excited to announce their comprehensive list of supplier partners. After surveying their members for their needs throughout the past year, LPG thoroughly vetted and added a number of new supplier partners to their already impressive roster!

GPO’s are membership groups for business owners that provide negotiated discounts on essential business services, products, and solutions. GPO’s help businesses access volume purchasing discounts by leveraging their buying power, promoting process efficiencies, and even managing the relationships with the suppliers that the members choose to use to support their business. Unlike other buying groups, LPG focuses on providing these programs to entrepreneurs, solo-preneuers, small business owners, and associations. LPG’s solutions have been known to save businesses 40% or more on operational expenditures and help streamline their procurement process.

LPG’s deep discount programs now expand past office essentials, furniture, technology, and telemedicine. Feedback from their members revealed the need for programs such as shredding services, small business payroll, and credit card processing. In 2020, LPG proved themselves a trusted business resource and their memberships grew 126% which was a result of them providing unique and valuable solutions to their business members.

“I started my business by listening to the needs of my community. We have been extremely strategic and lean with our deep discount programs that we offer,” said Ashley Stuhr, Founder, and President of LPG. “We never want to compromise customer service and value.”

LPG thoroughly vetted current and potential vendors to ensure that their clients were receiving the best and deepest discounts which amounted to over $80M in buying power and reaching thousands of members from coast to coast having accomplished this within only 4 years of being in business.

“Most businesses purchase $400/employee per year in office supplies. We can usually save that company about 25% on employee spend,” said Stuhr. That company with 100 employees can save $10,000 annually! We can do the same for a business with 10 employees. “Our goal is to keep your doors open so you can strategically spend those savings on something even more important.”

Legacy Purchasing Group programs currently include the following suppliers among others:

  • Office Depot Savings Program is a true consolidated resource for businesses and provides deep discounts on office essentials, furniture, printing, facility solutions, technology and more. Discounts range from 20-55% off on office essentials and even 75% off printing services.
  • SHARP Business Systems provides managed IT and print services, copier equipment as well as visual solutions. Each member receives a customized solution that fits their business needs.
  • Texas Shred offers secure and convenient document shredding services and up to 25% savings through LPG’s negotiated contract.
  • NuWin Care + 1.800MD’s Telemedicine program is only $7.50/month for an entire household and does not charge a co-pay. LPG is one of the first to offer a low cost solution that can be offered to individual households. Employer-paid options is an affordable way to provide benefits when full health coverage is not an option for small businesses.
  • GetPayroll offers small business payroll services, a low cost solution with an exceptional customer service team.
  • Legacy 401k Partners provides solutions for businesses on retirement plan designs and works with ALL providers. A business can rely on Legacy 401k to negotiate best service and custom plans that fit their needs.
  • BP Global Merchant Services is a competitive credit card processing service that can save vendors 50% on their current fees. They work with 99% of all processors so that the transition for the business is worry-free.

Amidst the unique background of COVID-19 affecting the small businesses that LPG strives to help, the company has celebrated some more milestones beyond adding new vendors. Most business owners come to LPG after hearing about one solution, but soon take advantage of three or more solutions.

“We started working with Legacy Purchasing Group after looking into their telemedicine program. At only $7.50/employee/month (and no cost to talk to a doctor), it made a lot of sense for our employees. As a small business owner, the ability to provide a great benefit and stay within our budget was a major win.” said Brad Grist with Legacy 401K Partners. “Once we saw how well that worked, we started looking at other programs that LPG offered. We now take advantage of their Office Depot Program – it’s free and the discounts are huge – and most recently we utilized their new small business payroll solution and saved almost 40% over our last provider! LPG is truly a business owner’s best friend.”

One of Stuhr’s most recent milestones is teaming up with her Director of Marketing, Morgan Heinrich, in 2020. During the pandemic, they focused their time and efforts on doing something that their competition wasn’t doing: reaching millions through various social media outlets.

In an effort to give back to the community, LPG recently launched their Do Good Business Mini-Series where they interview businesses within their community to share best practices. They are providing relevant topics that provide education and insight to other business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs. This has certainly drawn attention to their business.

As a trusted business resource, Legacy Purchasing Group’s mission is to “do good business” by providing professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and associations with cost-saving solutions and exceptional customer service.

About Legacy Purchasing Group

Legacy Purchasing Group is a woman-owned group purchasing organization that specializes in buying power for small to medium-sized businesses across all industries. As their trusted business resource, LPG helps businesses realize savings and efficiencies related to office supplies, technology, HR solutions, and more by leveraging the collective buying power of their members to negotiate significant discounts. With thousands of members and growing, Legacy Purchasing Group is committed to providing businesses the best value with top suppliers at no additional cost or obligation. For more information, visit https://www.legacypurchasinggroup.com.