Our Newest Partner: Texas Shred – Convenient Shredding Services

We are pleased to announce our newest supplier partner, Texas Shred! As we continue to grow, so do our resources and buying power.  Our responsibility is to offer you services and programs that benefit you and your business! Shredding services are essential to businesses by providing confidentiality and privacy to both the business and the customer. 

Our newest partner, Texas Shred serves all of the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  Their goal is to provide clients with cost-effective and convenient shredding solutions. If you utilize shredding services or need a document purge, we encourage you to take advantage of this program!

Learn More About Texas Shred HERE.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Texas Shred has a team of trusted leaders that put customers first.  Our Legacy Purchasing Team, carefully chooses our supplier partners and to ensure that their values are in line with ours.  Texas Shred is a trusted partner who has a desire to protect your business. 

Legacy Purchasing Group has partnered with Texas Shred to give YOU exclusive benefits: 

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Additional Discounts on Shredding Services 
  • Customized Programs for EVERY business
  • Simple and Easy to Understand Agreement
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • No Price Discrepancies from Contract to Invoice

Services Provided:

ON-SITE SHREDDING: For highly confidential documents, employees can accompany Texas Shred representatives at their truck to view documents being shredded via the monitor.

OFF-SITE SHREDDING: If only needing a certificate of destruction, Texas Shred can arrange a pickup, at your convenience. This will conclude with the required document that guarantees the full destruction of your documents.

FILE/DOCUMENT PURGE: When going paperless or reached your mandatory file retention timeline, Texas Shred can schedule a pickup or onsite destruction of your large “purge” projects. Any size, at any time, and any type of business.

E-WASTE: In addition to document destruction Texas Shred also provides secure hard drive shredding. They can remove and destroy them while providing the same visibility and certificates of destruction to put you at ease with your digital footprint.