Planning Your Launch with The Launch Strategy Expert!

Planning for Your Launch: Why It’s Important & Why You Should Start Now!

Businesses are so much like people in that each is unique and requires a custom strategy or plan to succeed. The #1 way businesses grow is by gaining a wider audience and launching products. 

Launching consists of making a plan for all marketing and technical needs in relation to the product or service you created. We met with Delta Perspectives to discuss their Launch Framework to help you plan your next (or first) launch!!

Here are some great takeaways from our talk with Erika!

The Delta Perspectives Launch Framework

Here are 3 phases of Delta Perspectives Launch Framework:

Phase 1: Analyze: This is where we ask ourselves what all do we have, how well is it working, what do customers want, and what are they struggling with. This phase includes conducting market research through social media, email marketing, and within your current network.  

Phase 2: Assemble: This is the biggest phase-out of the three. This is where we prepare and put things together. We start our 3-month Launch Runway at this point. We take what we learned in Phase 1, and put it to use through our path of Inspire, Influence, and Invite. This path includes educating and facts, teaching and testimonials, and showing up more frequently on social media. 

Phase 3: Accelerate: At this point, everything should be scheduled and put together. This is Launch Week! We’re tracking everything at this point from sales to email numbers to lead magnet numbers. 

The Launch Framework

The Delta Perspectives Launch Framework is set up to allow for time to plan, and then time to act. We start with small steps and build up to a fully realized and successful launch strategy. 

What is the next step?

If you are excited about your product and ready to take action, here is your First Action Step: Start with market research. When thinking of your product (whether concretized or just in theory) think of the questions you would ask your audience, what do they struggle with in relation to that product, or what problems does the product solve? Ask your audience about those problems. 

Who is Delta Perspectives?

Delta Perspectives was founded in January 2019 by Erika Stoerkel. Our team helps clients by strategizing and planning all the thousands of steps & tasks when it comes to launching their digital product. We take full responsibility and pride in growing our clients’ businesses. 

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