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MyBusinessRecycles Ink & Toner Recycling Rewards Program

Office Depot has partnered with Clover Environmental Solutions (CES) to create the MyBusinessRecycles ink and toner recycling rewards program.

Clover is a global leader in providing resellers, mass merchants, and value-added specialty suppliers with total environmental solutions including the recycling and remanufacturing of consumable imaging supplies. They are ISO certified, earning both ISO 9001 for their quality processes and 14001 certifications for environmental management standards.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for customers to participate? Do I get charged for shipping the cartridges?

No, participation in the program is free. You do not get charged for the UPS pre-paid shipping labels you download from the website.

What types of ink and toner cartridges can I return?

You can return any empty ink or toner cartridge, regardless of brand or point of purchase; however, please view the Buyback Price Lists found on the “Program Information” page of the website to see which cartridges are eligible for credit. We do not accept toner tanks, toner tubes, or toner bottles.

Can I return the empty cartridges at an Office Depot retail store and still receive credit in this program?

No. To receive credit for the value of your returned cartridges, you must return the cartridges through the MyBusinessRecycles program via the pre-paid shipping labels you can download from the MyBusinessRecycles.com site.

What items can I receive credit for?

Members receive credit for qualifying ink and toner that are not visibly damaged. A list of qualifying products and their associated rewards value can be found on the Buyback Price Lists located on the “Program Information” page on the site (www.MyBusinessRecycles.com). Buyback Price Lists are updated quarterly and are based on industry pricing averages.

Do I receive credit for remanufactured cartridges?

There are two sections to the BuyBack Price Lists: 1. OEM units 2. Remanufactured units. If the remanufactured cartridge is listed under the Remanufactured section, then you would receive the associated credit value. If the remanufactured unit is not listed in that section, then you would not receive any credit value.