Medical Care Refined. Your Doctor. Your Time: Direct Primary Care


Do you feel rushed when you are in the waiting room? Meet our friends at Direct Primary Care! 

Their low-cost membership-based clinic will provide you with 24/7 access to their medical team and doctor by phone, text, or video. DPC prides itself on being your doctor at your time.

In this revolutionary model of care, you will be able to establish a relationship and spend as much time as you need with your doctor. Never get tired of waiting or feel rushed again. Your health and wellness are their priority.

LEARN MORE HERE: https://dpchealth.com/

DPC also has a wonderful podcast (and will be joining us on our mini-series January 14th). Here is a little sneak peek.

Episode 6: Migraines Give You Superpowers

Tune in to hear Dr. Nguyen and Lan talk about migraines and headaches!

Dr. Nguyen shares information about migraine and headache prevention as well as management. While Lan receives the diagnosis that she does have migraines!

Questions? Call or text us at (682) 200-0035 Ideas for a Podcast Topic? Email lan@dpchealth.com

Check out the full episode on YouTube: