Launch Strategy with Delta Perspectives

Launch Strategy with Delta Perspectives.

This blog is written by Erika Stoerkel, owner of Delta Perspectives.

Launching a new product or service is a lot of work and can be overwhelming at times. But it can be so much more manageable if you have a launch strategy. Having a launch strategy is a good way to level up your marketing, so your business is operating at 100%. There are many parts in motion that if they are not clearly defined, you will have no idea what to improve or how to improve when something isn’t working the way it should. 

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A launch strategy is going to organize and define the stages of your product launch, including development, goal setting, marketing, and event timing, among other areas.

Part of the launch strategy is tracking and reviewing metrics. Your business depends on this assessment to improve on what did not perform well, to use better resources such as tech and training, to use the same launch strategy but make adjustments, and because you cannot manage what you do not measure.

Delta Perspectives looks at your market and assesses what your customers are looking for and wanting from you. Then we progress into content creation and assembling all of the tech and marketing plans. 

Each business and biz owner is unique and requires a custom build to their marketing agency. What is uniform across the board is the service – our team uses the DP-practiced-and-proven framework of AnalyzeAssemble, and Accelerateto set up your marketing systems or launch strategy. 

We will break it down step by step for you so you can get a clear idea of what each phase consists of.

Phase 1 Analyze Phase

This is where we ask ourselves what all do we have, how well is it working, what do potential customers want, what are they struggling with. We check where email marketing is – how is messaging working out, make sure there are CTAs in all emails. Analyzing is also about creating new (cold) leads and making them warm (gaining trust). 

The same thing with social media – we conduct market research. We ask our audience what is challenging them, what are they struggling with, what transformation do they want to see. 

If we are wanting our audience to invest in a product or program, we have to ask them what they would like to see in it – so we can design it in a way that is geared toward what they’re wanting to see based on what opinions we receive and how many. 

Remember that we don’t want to put out a product or service that nobody wants to buy!

Phase 2 Assemble Phase

The Assemble Phase is the biggest phase of the 3. This is where we prepare and put things together. This is where we take what we learned in Phase 1 (all of the market research responses). 

We start a 3-month launch runway at this point! 

Now we are trying to get our audience excited about the product or service we’re offering. This leads to the path of Inspire, Influence, and Invite.

Inspire – we do just that. We educate, give them facts, and tell the benefits of the product or service we’re offering.

Influence – we give the audience a look behind-the-scenes, we teach them different things about the product or service, and we offer testimonials from people who have tried it.

Invite – this is where we show up on social media. On social media, we create a schedule of posting every day to make our presence known, making sure we’re posting around 4 times per day. We make sure that emails are being sent more frequently. 

Also included in this phase are ads, emails, affiliate marketing (people who post for us and our product/service with testimonials (sometimes with discount codes). 

Phase 3 Accelerate Phase 

At this point in the journey, everything is scheduled and everything should be together. 

This is where Launch Week is – we have to be ready and have all systems go!

During this phase, we are tracking sales, email numbers, lead magnet numbers, webinar numbers, tracking the number of people we convert from joining the webinar to making a sale, ad numbers, etc.

Finally, we have Offboarding. This is where we give you everything you need – SOPs, emails, social media posts, everything that you will need to use for the future so you don’t have to repeat this entire process from scratch. Of course, we figure out what worked and what didn’t work, so next time we can tweak it a bit to make it more efficient. 

This framework is for launch strategy, but the whole purpose of these projects in businesses is usually and ideally to launch a product or service. 

Having a launch strategy set up with our framework makes launching your product or service more manageable as well as less frustrating and daunting! This framework will also give you what you need to make tweaks and fix mistakes so that your next launch is even smoother!

Who we are:

Delta Perspectives was founded in January 2019 by Erika Stoerkel. Our team helps clients by strategizing and planning all the thousands of steps & tasks when it comes to launching their digital product. We take full responsibility and pride in growing our clients’ businesses.

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