An Honest Letter From Our Director of Marketing

Hi, I’m Morgan Heinrich, Legacy Purchasing Group Director of Marketing

Hi Friends!

For those of you know don’t know me yet, my name is Morgan Heinrich and I am the Director of Marketing at Legacy Purchasing Group. I am a native New Yorker (no, not a city girl, the Hudson Valley), who went to Texas Christian University to pursue broadcast journalism and fell head over heels in love with Texas.

I was raised by two self-employed parents who taught me that hard work and building meaningful relationships is the key to success. My dad, who is a chimney sweep – yes, like Bert from Mary Poppins – has had his successful business for over 40 years… and he hasn’t advertised in 25 years! He taught me that going above and beyond with your clients and offering a genuine service will turn your customers into life-long fans. Being raised with that mindset, I’ve never known a stranger and was recently asked to speak to students at the University of Texas Arlington as a “networking expert.” 

For those of you that do know me – HI!! Thank you for your continued support! 

I joined the Legacy team a few months ago and WOW this has been a whirlwind. I know that what we offer can sound confusing – believe me, I didn’t understand the concept at first. So I’m going to break it down… Legacy Purchasing Group is a FANTASTIC company that offers discounts and resources to individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners that they normally can’t have access to.

What does that mean? 

We have “buying power” as a company. That means, that when you sign up for our programs, you ALREADY have access to the savings and discounts offered. All you have to do is sign up… We have THOUSANDS of members who are taking advantage of our buying power! 

Ready for the best part? 

It’s FREE for you to utilize our membership and there are NO CONTRACTS. How cool is that? 

  • If you want to utilize the 25-55% off retail through our Office Depot Savings Program, all is you have to do is sign up.
  • If you need telemedicine to avoid COVID-19 when going to the doctors for a sore throat, you only pay $7.50 for your ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD for your account.
  • > > > *Employers and business owners:* If you need a solution that gives you access to healthcare and LIVE doctors while helping you save on healthcare expenses above and beyond what insurance will pay, all you have to do is sign up and pay a minimal monthly rate that covers your ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD.  It can also be a low-cost solution for your employees!

I could keep going because we have a bunch of partners that we work with!! View the full list. 

This all sounds pretty amazing, right? 

Then comes the question: What’s the catch? 

Ready for the answer that is groundbreaking? THERE IS NO CATCH. We are considered a “GPO” or “group purchasing organization” and this business model is used often in the healthcare industry. During Ashley’s corporate career, her job was to work with GPO’s and she realized – why aren’t private-sector small businesses offered the same discounts?… TA-DAH – Legacy Purchasing Group was born!

What’s New At Legacy?

When I first started, Ashley and I sat down to discuss – what is our ultimate goal for Legacy Purchasing Group? First, we wanted to become the trusted resource for businesses. 

YOUR TRUSTED BUSINESS RESOURCE: Our goal is that whenever you are thinking of starting a business, hoping to save money in your current business, or looking to move your company to the next level – that you would come to us for help! We WANT to serve you. We WANT to be the partner that helps to grow your business (while saving you money). Therefore, we have created the “Your Trusted Business Resource” blog on our website where we share tips, tricks, insights, and more that you can apply to your business today!

Ashley and I really talked over this idea and the phrase “Do Good Business. Create A Legacy.” came up. That’s EXACTLY what we want to do. We want to be your trusted business resource BECAUSE we want you to be able to create a legacy for yourself, your family, and your employees! 

DO GOOD BUSINESS: I love this saying because it means something different to everyone. Is it who you work with? Is it the services you are offering? The products you are supplying? What your business brings to the world? Your company culture? We want to do good business in everything we do! We created the Do Good Business Mini-Series to share people who are doing good business that hopefully inspire you while giving great tips and advice.