401k Plans Are Changing! Here’s what you need to know!

What is changing in the 401k industry? What do we need to know? What do employers need to know? What do employees need to know? How has COVID changed the retirement industry? 

Join Legacy 401k Partners Founder, Pat Stuhr as he discusses the changes going on in the retirement industry due to COVID-19 and what companies need to be aware of moving forward… Pat will identify key opportunities that you can take advantage of with existing 401k plans and for those looking to start one up.  https://www.youtube.com/embed/n9sX6FHjRGg

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For your convenience, we have broken up the different questions, and when they were asked!

00:40 Who is Pat Stuhr? What should we listen to him? What makes him the expert?

01:47 What is changing in 401k plans?

05:03 Let’s talk specifics! What are businesses with successful plans doing that others aren’t?

09:11 For those companies looking to start a 401k plan or enhance their plan, what should they consider doing moving forward?

13:03 With all the business interruptions this year what are you seeing happening going into the end of the year and into next year?

Questions from the viewers

15:45 What are some of the advantages to having a 401k plan?

16:45 Those that had a 401k plan with an original employer and switched jobs, what do you do with that 401k?

17:50 What do you enjoy about your job?